Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Song: Monsters
Artist: Matchbook Romance

First of all, I would like to apologize to my faithful blog readers (which were very few at first and now an even smaller number). It has been a CRAZZZYYYYY couple of months... (if that were even physically possible). Let me start from the very beginning (when my blogs stopped...) and then move towards the more current events! BTW, this is gunna be a long one. Get ready.

Okay, How about freaking stress. Fortunately I ACED almost all my midterms, if not, got a high B. HORRAY! School has been crazy. Taking 6 classes was probably a bad idea, but I've gotten by pretty gracefully as far as focus goes (as you can tell by my lack of blogging). In the midst of my midterms, I did get to celebrate on of my favorite occasions:

Celebrating a year of greatness, Thomas decided to take me to the restaurant we went on our second date to (Rusty Pelican!!! yum... first date was SAMURAI! even yummier). We sat down... and heard some crazy jams in the background. There was a wedding reception going on in the other room! (Coincidence? I think not.) So we started jamming a little at our table while some drunk guys watched us curiously. I think one of them had the runs, cause he kept leaving his table, and the other guys would try to comfort him every time he returned... bummer. Anyway, I got a freaking awesome steak... with french fries (as usual). It was killer. I ate everything. The waiter looked a little scared that I could eat that much. Speaking of him, he had been pretty neglectful that night. We got kinda mad. To compensate, he offered us FREE dessert. Of course, we refused due to SPIT IN FOOD syndrome. Ever heard of it?

Oh man, what a relief. I could compare spring break to a person holding their pee for about 5 hours at the FAIR (eww... carny toilets. I wouldn't touch that with a 10 ft. pole)... then finding a great clean toilet in the comfort of your home to let it out in. AHHHHH... exactly. True story actually, but we'll get to that later. Yeah. It was a nice break for me. I ended up catching up with all my school work and took about 8 quizzes at my leisure (this is a nice break for me, mind you). Also, I got to clean my house. My room is officially spic and span due to spring cleaning, my closet color coded, and all the junk is GONE! I had about 4 trash bags full of junk... 1 of which was completely devoted to ex-boyfriend crap. I can't believe how much trash I had in my closet!!! OH! I also took a day to spend time with Amanda! I pulled her out of class early and we went home to watch blockbuster movies. FUN! I love her. That was my spring break in it's entirety... studying and cleaning. Really, it was nice... but I don't think you'd understand. =) By the way, REY also made an appearance around this time. We decided to surprise my mom for her birthday by making her think she was getting a puppy, then Rey came through the door. It was beautiful. My mom cried and hugged him, and my dad followed up with a weight comment. Things were gloriously back to normal at that moment. I had her fooled!

OKAY! Here is what I think everyone has REALLY been waiting for me to blog about. The infamous birthday. Before I tell you this story, let me tell you something that will make sense later. During spring break, Thomas and I were talking about what to get my mom for her birthday (because getting her a gift is like trying to buy a Hilton girl a gift...IMPOSSIBLE!). Thomas told me, "I am going to get your mom a starbucks gift card!!!" (because she loves it, of course). I said, "no way man, she'll lose it in that gigantic purse of hers". He continued, "I am going to get the gift card, put it in a box, put that box in a box, and put that box in a box then gift wrap it!" I said, "that's stupid..". He said, "ITS CUTE! SHE WILL LAUGH! I'M GOING TO DO IT!". ... all right. Rey ended up being, by the way, the PERFECT GIFT! Best surprise ever! Also, my mom made reservations at Barton G's (best restaurant in the world) for us, but she didn't know yet that Rey would be there.... I tried to bump up the reservations to 12, but they would not comply! They made a big deal out of it, which made me sad... but little did I know, Thomas took care of it while I wasn't around because it was a SPECIAL NIGHT! That is the prequel to this story.

BARTON G: (Photos by Paul Soucy)
This is my favorite restaurant ever. Everything there is perfect. Food, Ambiance, People... EVERYTHING! Anyway, we all arrived, and Thomas showed up with a pink box (which I knew was the Starbucks card ... or I thought I knew). We sat down at our table, and about 10 minutes into our menu looking, They brought out my mom's birthday dessert! WHAT!?!?! They NEVER MAKE MISTAKES HERE!!!! (I had no idea this was planned...but that's another story). Anyway, Since they made the "HUGE MISTAKE" of bringing out the dessert before we had even began ordering and singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my mom said, "Well, Since they already sang, I think I will open my gifts now!" HA! (also planned!!!) She began to open the gift Phyllis gave her... she gave a gift to Lauren so she could open it at the same time, and gave a gift to me for opening. NO! She gave me Thomas's gift! I hesitantly gave it back to her because I thought to myself, "If I open it, the starbucks card thing wont be funny! She must open it!". So I gave it back to her and said YOU OPEN IT! She gave it back to me and said "NO! IM BUSY! YOU OPEN IT!". Okay okay, fine. But it wont be funny (is what I was thinking). I opened the box slowly in hopes of my mom finishing her other gifts so that she could open it, but clearly that wasn't happening. Thomas kept saying, "CUT THE STRING ALREADY! YOU'RE TAKING TOO LONG!"... but I took my time opening the tightly tied bow. About five minutes later, I finally decided to cut the string because I couldn't get the last knot out. So I continued opening... (the following images are presented compliments of Uncle Artie!)...
STEP 1: Unwrapping the gift (as shown on the right...)
STEP 2: Opening the Second Box! (I am thinking to myself... pretty small box. COOL! They make Starbucks cards smaller now!)STEP 3: Opening the Box inside the Box inside the Box... I am thinking "Okay, this is a little bit too small"... but it still didn't phase me... I still believed a starbucks card would be there.
STEP 4: SURPRISE! The joke is on me! It's A RING! OH MY GOSH! I am totally freaking out at this moment.
STEP 5: The Proposal
Thomas: Brigitte, You are my princess, and I want to love you forever... Will you MARRY ME?
Brigitte: (sobs uncontrollably) YES!
STEP 6: Holy Cow! What A ring! Show it off!

Oh man, What a perfect evening. First of all, Thomas had to fight with the people in the restaurant to change the reservation for so many people... because he wanted all of my favorite people to be there! (and they were! I love my parents, brother and lauren, aunts, and uncles! They make life great! Thomas's parents and brother were there too! AWESOME) On top of that, he told my mom that if he had to wait until the end of dinner to propose, He might puke. So thats when they told the restaurant to "accidentally" bring out the dessert. A very well orchestrated evening. I have to give it to them. Everyone kept the secret well, and although there were many signs (which I was oblivious to)... It still managed to be a real surprise. On top of that, to throw me off, Thomas bought me a beautiful necklace that I had been looking at from Tiffany & Co. the day before the actual proposal. I really thought after the moment he put that necklace on me that we would not be getting engaged for a while. How cute. He is the best boyfriend...Fiance... future husband ever! The rest of the night was wonderful... A blast! We ate, laughed at my surprised face in Artie's camera, and enjoyed the rest of the night.

CATCHING UP: (photos by Paul)
The planning begins. Already. I know right? That night, my mom, future mother-in-law, and I began to set dates and chose things from bride's maids to dresses! It was really nice. Thomas started to get his head aches though. They have only begun. Since then, we have planned where the wedding and reception will be held (Westin Colonnade), the date (November friday!), my dress.. (you can't see that), the food, and everything else you can think of. I decided to get the planning done ASAP because this summer I plan on taking another set of SIX classes. (As if I didn't learn the first time). Between then and now, I have done a lot of school work, skipped class for the very first time (to go to the fair), and been puked on. Yes, puked on. It wasn't a lot, but it was still puke. We were at the FAIR... only the greatest place to go once a year (they do it once a year so you can recover from the carny food). Rey, Paul, and I went on every ride that spins. I love those rides. I'm sure he has probably told you about it. Anyway, After all of those spinny rides, we decided to get a drink of water. We all chugged a bottle of water then decided to get on this kiddie glider ride (the kite one). Rey was on my left, and Paul on my right. The ride seated three (conveniently). So, the ride began to go... I started to laugh and ask Paul if he thought anyone had ever thrown up on such a puny ride. Lo and behold, Rey began to puke. Some of it got on my hand, but thankfully, it was only water puke (which is not that's just water). In my head I thought "Irony. I ask and I receive. At least he didn't puke the pizza". I thought too soon. A second round of puke came... pizza puke (the grossest kind besides chunky). At this point I am waving the carny down to stop the ride. I see him laughing as the ride comes to an end. We all were laughing! It was pretty freaking funny. Now, I am preparing for FINAL EXAMS. I have already taken one (I got a 92! COOL!), and I have 5 more to go. Yesterday, I took out my Maid Of Honor (Becca) for her birthday to get some cool gifts. We also went to dinner at Outback that night. It was really fun! Happy B-day Bec!

Okay, Now I can say you guys are officially caught up. That is just about everything cool that has happened in the past month. Hope you enjoyed this long-as-heck blog!


Kristel said...

Whew! That was a whole lot of information in one blog post!

Your wedding sounds great so far! I can't wait! Hopefully Alex and I can make it...we'll see!

Love ya!

Amanda said...

Brigitte has a blog, everyone. In case they forgot. So I enjoyed reading your blog (even though, for the most part, it was the second time reading everything.) But, I'm glad to know you're virtually alive! Wonderful!

Yay for our movie days. More to come, for sure. Yay for your fiance (fun word) and familia schoolin' you. SORPRESA!

Give Becca a big belated birthday hug.

Love you!

Anne Marie said...

I read EVERY word. Thanks for the update :)

Alison Riling said...

see, this is why u cant wait so long to blog.. that was so long. lol.but im glad u posted

i cant wait for ur wedding..

holy crap, i still cant believe my biki is getting married!!!!


love u!

Leelee said...

I loved reading your blog. Again, congrats! Love ya girl!