Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Last Single Blog

Song: Reign of Love
Artist: Coldplay

It is midnight... November 28, 2008. This moment marks the beginning of the greatest day of my life. In about 19 hours, I will be walking down "the aisle" and heading towards a new life. Before all of this goes down, however, I must make my last ode to singleness.... for I will only be a De Armas for a few hours longer. There is something great about being single. The best part, I believe, is the journey in finding "the one". Dating was so much fun! I met some of the coolest and weirdest people ever, went to some great places, and enjoyed a lot of new things. I always enjoyed being single and ready to mingle, but meeting Thomas was a real reality check. I was almost hesitant to date him because I knew it might become serious, and I wasn't sure I was ready for that. Well, as you can tell, I let him in. While some are disappointed that the journey ended so soon (or so young I guess), I am quite relieved. I've learned from living both lifestyles that I am more satisfied knowing that I no longer have to look for that certain someone. For my single blog followers, this is not to make you feel bad at all for not having or finding your person; its just me blogging something on my mind. The hardest part of being single, I believe, is actually FINDING that someone (among other things). It takes a lot of thought and effort to choose who we want to be with. Just when I thought it was all over for me, I realized that this relationship marks the beginning of something that will grow forever. Some think that marriage means being done with the dating game and giving good impressions all the time when in reality, it is only an extension! I've concluded that I will be spending the rest of my life doing the same thing all you single people are doing right now, which would be bending over backwards to make sure my partner is happy. In theory, any kind of dating scene, whether it be being single, dating, or married, involves some kind of effort. For that I will reconcile the two and just be simple about this... putting in effort never ends! For all of these things, hard work is required. So now, my public vow is this: I will always keep my husband first and always try to make him happy no matter what I feel like doing. Tonight will be special. I guess you never really know how special it is until you get there, but I will explain my thoughts. Tonight, I will be giving up my name, giving up my rights as an "individual", and accepting that I now care for "we" instead of me. While these things seem simple and mundane, they are quite difficult. We are all raised to be selfish (to care for ourselves and such), to  enjoy our inalienable rights, and to be proud of our name and heritage; making this a hard transition. Thankfully, I have accepted all these circumstances and am absolutely ready for what is going to happen in a few hours. I'm so thankful for Thomas. God used him to make a change in me that I thought would never happen. It's great to realize that this relationship is about to become everything God intended it to be, and I can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

The countdown continues!

-Brigitte De Armas

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Engagement Photos Are UP!

If you'd like to take a peek, follow this link!..... E-Photos!

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SUPERBLOG!!!!!

Title: Shut Up and Let Me Go
Artist: The Ting Tings

Ok. Ready for the longest flippin blog ever? I have only been on a blogging hiatus for an entire month! Sheesh! Well... Here it goes! I guess I'll start where I left off.

 I went on what was supposed to be a short blogging hiatus in order to prevent spilling the great news of my brother Rey secretly coming down to Miami to propose to his lovely girlfriend (and now fiancee) Lauren! I took video while secretly hiding during the whole process. Merari, Anne Marie, Rey, and I worked together to make the most ridiculously conspicuous surprise. The great news is that Lauren still had no clue, and she totally got the breath knocked out of her. I almost cried, but Merari and I were joking around so much that I didn't (which I am totally thankful for! I love her). Congratulations to the two of them! They are a beautiful couple and I look forward to walking in their wedding. =) Shortly after this glorious occasion....

On October 11th, I had the pleasure of enjoying my very own Bridal Shower! This had to be one of the greatest experiences I've had in a long, long time! We had a lot of my favorite foods, which includes the chocolate fountain with all the extras (strawberries,  marshmallows, rice krispies, etc), mini cheeseburgers with extra bacon (compliments of my aunt Xio!... they were delish!), some awesome spinach dip derived from the Greek food spanakopita made by my aunt Maria, and so much more food, you have no idea!!! I had a great time eating, but I also had a great time playing the games! I think the best part was the toilet paper bride. People made some interesting dresses and I had a hard time making a good judgment call. The best part of the whole party, I think, was the wardrobe. Merari, the coolest photographer ever, took some great shots of what everyone wore according to my "favorite things" theme. I saw everything from biker leather (way to go, mom!) to prom dresses (again, you rock merari) to negligee (well, I think I had that covered). This party made me really happy because people looked relaxed and at least appeared to have a good time!  I had some great company and received awesome gifts! Thanks, all, again! 
Not long after this occasion....

On October 19th, I had the joy of being a bridesmaid in my friend Viv's wedding. This was a lot of fun. I arrived at her house early in the morning and immediately got to work. Her brother's girlfriend Joanna, who has the absolute COOLEST accent (love those brits!), had a small problem with her dress. It broke. I ended up sewing it up really quick which then earned me the nickname Cinderella. I got my hair done by a friend of their family and then proceeded to do some of Viv's friends hair. I think I did a pretty good job, being that the lady who did my hair offered me a job to work with her. That was unexpected, but cool! The last of my bridesmaid duties before the actual wedding was to do the Bride's makeup! That was an honor! We finally arrived at the Greek church (on kendall drive next to dadeland) and the excitement was flourishing! We prepped the bride and walked down the aisle...then stood on stage for way over an hour. That might have been the down side. After a long wait for the actual ceremony to be done, Thomas and I made our way to the reception hall at the Rusty Pelican. We had a great evening and enjoyed random drunken bridal party members doing hilarious renditions of Greek dancing! After this....

I got to enjoy some time off to take care of things for the wedding. During this time off, I got to spend time with my cousins Becca and Seth and my aunt Martha (aka "Mah Weinah"). We went to Tropical Park and enjoyed some time on the playground! I finally realized how unsafe these playground toys really are! Apparently there are no limits to childhood injuries. I bet insurance companies build them to keep themselves in business. jk! =D Anyway, after all of these shenanigans, I got to spend some time with my good friend Amanda, who really knows how to make spare time into awesomeness! We went out to Samurai for some delicious food, as well as other amazing places that can totally kill you (such as Rio Cristal [greatest cuban steak y papitas ever], Burger King [horray for junk food!], Dadeland Mall [for some food court food and Lix cupcakes], and of course My House [for some Totinos Pizza]). If it's one thing her and I know how to do besides have a good time, it's EAT! A few days after my short break....

On November 1, I went to to Eric and Lia's Wedding! This wedding was so special! I really had a great time here. Lia was such a gorgeous bride! Eric had the greatest facial expressions as she walked down the aisle! They looked ecstatic to be at their own wedding and make such a lovely couple! Later that evening, we enjoyed a time of dinner and dancing with some great people! Thomas had the great honor of being the best man and delivered a cute speech. During the reception, Lia's nephew made it his own personal responsibility to dance with me every chance he got. He was adorable... I couldn't say no! For once I was dancing with a guy who was half my size (and not the other way around). After all the festivities, Thomas and I snuck out and fled to Eric's house to decorate before the newlywed couple arrived. We lit lots of candles and laid out a lot of deep red rose petals! It was beautiful. To my surprise, when the couple arrived, I found out they had not eaten the entire evening! So Tom and I made a quick stop to K-mart and rounded up some goodies for them. I had such a great time that evening! This day was not only awesome because of the wedding though.... It was awesome because....

November 1st, 2008 marked the date that Thomas finally completed the masters program! He seemed very relieved and happy that it was all finally over, and I was so proud of him!!!! The next day, his mom threw a graduation party at his Aunt Maria and Uncle Greg's  house! We had a great time and enjoyed some great company. It's funny because I knew from this day forward, all my time would be lost somewhere in the abyss of the "last couple weeks until the wedding"... but to my surprise.... my time hasn't completely been consumed by stress! In fact, I got to spend some time with Amanda again and produce a film for one of her class projects! It was fun, and funny because the digital camera wasn't compatible with my iMovie so I produced it all with my little iCam (which is part of my laptop). In the video (take a look!), you can actually see my reflection on some windows of me holding the laptop to take video. FUNN!!!

Later that week, I got to enjoy my WEDDING GIFT just a little bit early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Thomas decided to take me to the COLDPLAY CONCERT! It was soooooo amazing! I can't even begin to describe! The lights, the sound, the media work, the talent! It was all incredible! I had such a great time and I think it was the perfect wedding gift for me! I took a lot of video, but there is one in particular that is my favorite because of the media work that was involved in it! I'll leave this one here and post the rest later. Besides all this madness, not much else has gone on. I finished up the wedding plans and am now counting down the days! Only 11 more 'till I'm Mrs. Thomas Soucy! Cool!

Here are some pics from the concert =D

Oh Yeah! I forgot the last piece of my update.... I had the pleasure of receiving my 21st birthday gift from Thomas early as well! Yesterday we went to Best Buy and got GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR!!! This game is so cool! The drum set, the microphone, everything! I love it. I enjoyed playing last night and am on my way now to enjoy some more of it! WOOOOOO! That is all for this super long, superblog update!