Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Last Single Blog

Song: Reign of Love
Artist: Coldplay

It is midnight... November 28, 2008. This moment marks the beginning of the greatest day of my life. In about 19 hours, I will be walking down "the aisle" and heading towards a new life. Before all of this goes down, however, I must make my last ode to singleness.... for I will only be a De Armas for a few hours longer. There is something great about being single. The best part, I believe, is the journey in finding "the one". Dating was so much fun! I met some of the coolest and weirdest people ever, went to some great places, and enjoyed a lot of new things. I always enjoyed being single and ready to mingle, but meeting Thomas was a real reality check. I was almost hesitant to date him because I knew it might become serious, and I wasn't sure I was ready for that. Well, as you can tell, I let him in. While some are disappointed that the journey ended so soon (or so young I guess), I am quite relieved. I've learned from living both lifestyles that I am more satisfied knowing that I no longer have to look for that certain someone. For my single blog followers, this is not to make you feel bad at all for not having or finding your person; its just me blogging something on my mind. The hardest part of being single, I believe, is actually FINDING that someone (among other things). It takes a lot of thought and effort to choose who we want to be with. Just when I thought it was all over for me, I realized that this relationship marks the beginning of something that will grow forever. Some think that marriage means being done with the dating game and giving good impressions all the time when in reality, it is only an extension! I've concluded that I will be spending the rest of my life doing the same thing all you single people are doing right now, which would be bending over backwards to make sure my partner is happy. In theory, any kind of dating scene, whether it be being single, dating, or married, involves some kind of effort. For that I will reconcile the two and just be simple about this... putting in effort never ends! For all of these things, hard work is required. So now, my public vow is this: I will always keep my husband first and always try to make him happy no matter what I feel like doing. Tonight will be special. I guess you never really know how special it is until you get there, but I will explain my thoughts. Tonight, I will be giving up my name, giving up my rights as an "individual", and accepting that I now care for "we" instead of me. While these things seem simple and mundane, they are quite difficult. We are all raised to be selfish (to care for ourselves and such), to  enjoy our inalienable rights, and to be proud of our name and heritage; making this a hard transition. Thankfully, I have accepted all these circumstances and am absolutely ready for what is going to happen in a few hours. I'm so thankful for Thomas. God used him to make a change in me that I thought would never happen. It's great to realize that this relationship is about to become everything God intended it to be, and I can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

The countdown continues!

-Brigitte De Armas


Merari said...

I am so happy that you've found your 'one' and so excited to be able to witness you both commit to each other.

I'm also proud that you realize that with marriage comes the shifting from 'me' to 'us'. I'll be the first to admit that that junk is hard to do! Can't wait to see you tonight! <3

Alison Riling said...


i know i will cry at your wedding. lol.

wow..biki married.. its going to take awhile for me to get used to. but im soooooo happy for you.

thomas is a great guy. i love you both..a-freaking-lot.
always will

Kristel said...

You're right...marriage certainly does not mean that aiming to impress is over. I try to impress my husband everyday! lol.
You're gonna be an awesome wife...and Thomas is gonna be a great husband. Congratulations, my friend. This is only the beginning of a wonderful, scary, adventurous. amazing journey.

Anne Marie said...

yay! congrats :D you had a beautiful wedding, and I can't wait for your first "married" blog. God bless your marriage <3

Amanda said...

i am very very happy for you, and am so happy that you and thomas found each other. the wedding was beautiful, and i was honored to be a part of it. <3