Monday, June 16, 2008

Life... or Something Like It.

Song: 42
Artist: Coldplay
So... it's been a couple of weeks since I've blogged. Let me get you up to speed (now that it's raining outside and I am bored out of my mind). First off, the new Coldplay album Viva La Vida has been released check it out. I picked the song "42" from their new album for one reason... it reminds me of Fred (Fred Cadaver... remember?)...okay... maybe 2 reasons.
 I just like the song. But yeah, Fred has been quite a challenge for me. Last week I had my very first practical examination for my anatomy lab. The professor took a whole bunch of body parts and placed them in different parts of the room... flagged sections of the parts and bones, then explained to us how the class room was "a crime scene". We were not allowed to touch anything... and just had to walk around and label as we went. I ended up getting a 95%! I would have gotten a 100% if it weren't for one damn spelling error (he marks the whole thing wrong if you spell it wrong). For memory's sake, I missed the Sella Turcica of the Skull (layman's terms, something no one cares about).  Anyway, I also had my very first Chemistry and Anatomy (lecture) exam. Things went fairly well! Also managed to pull off a group project that week. Hmm... what else (as if there could be more). Oh! pfft. almost forgot... 
My engagement party was last week! That was a blast!!! You can locate Paul's pictures HERE and Peter's photos HERE. There was a lot of good food at the party... of course a lot of my favorites. My aunt Xio made my favorite (and only one I've ever liked) honey ham! It was delectable. Also, Martha made Thomas's favorite, Lasagna! I had some. It was also quite delicious. On top of those things, there were little greek treats everywhere... all things Thomas and I love (that his aunt, cousin, and Yaya made so kindly...thank you!). It was really nice having people at the house to celebrate us! (what an occasion... huh?) Thank you, by the way, those of you who participated. I hope you had as much fun as I did. The greek dancing had to be the pinnacle. I didn't know what I was doing, but it was fun. Hmm... and.. opening the cards and gifts...that's always fun!
Besides that... not much else has really happened. I spent some time here and there with my favorite people in the world, enjoyed a fantastic father's day with my family, and have had a relatively good day today. The best part of my day today was dissecting the human heart. Very fun! I also went to Rio Cristal with my buddies Amanda and Alison. Had a blast! They rock my socks. Otherwise, that is all for now. If i forgot something, I'll be back later.


Amanda said...

yay! we are here with mixed emotions.

#1. shocked. wow. you wrote a blog. i'm proud.
#2. disgusted. you and fred have a beautiful relationship.
#3. excited. we're going to buy new bras!
#4. happy. yay for being friends :)

see you tonight, if all things fly well in velazquez grounds.

Samantha said...

aw brigitte, i miss ya gurl!