Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've Got Plans.

Song: Pink
Artist: Aerosmith

 Everyone has been asking... so here is the answer: the wedding plans are going wonderfully! Thanks to my handy-dandy planning organizer, planning has been a cinch. It has made finding things easy, and has made my life in general a lot more organized (which I definitely needed). Really, all that is left is to make sure the bridesmaids get their dresses fitted, make sure the groomsmen get their tux's fitted, and to finish counseling! Everything else is kinda just up for grabs. Besides wedding plans, all that has been going on is Bridal Shower planning. A couple of weeks ago, we (Hernandez women plus Amanda and Phyllis) had a meeting at Martha's house to plan out what we would be doing for this shower. 
Thus far, things have been wonderfully fluid. It took us a good 30 minutes to come up with some kind of theme for the party, but it worked out perfectly. Everyone had such good ideas and then I kind of morphed it into a theme! Officially, it will be the "Favorite Things" party. I guess I just thought that having a theme after a color or some show or w/e would be kinda unoriginal. Anyway, the basic thing to do for this shower is to wear all of your favorite things (and I mean all). I really hope that people participate the way I think they will.
I told the family and the b-maids already that it is important, even if their stuff doesn't match, to wear their favorite things in stead of the traditional sun dress. I figured everyone has had enough of traditional showers and needs something different just this once. I will be participating in the dress code as well. So far I have a favorite watch, bra, mini trench, PJ shorts, pink heels, and earrings. Don't ask me how that is going to work... 'cause I'm not even sure yet... but who cares! 
I think the party is going to be great and am predicting a good turn out of awkwardly matched outfits. I hope now that you all know what I'm wearing, you will feel a little more encouraged to wear something out of the ordinary. Anyway, more about the shower. Since it is a "favorite things" shower, a lot of my favorite foods will be present (from a chocolate fountain with dip-ables to mini bacon cheese burgers)!!! I'm looking forward to an exciting, indulgent afternoon. Merari is going to be taking care of the photography that day, so get ready for some great pictures!!!! As you can tell, I am so very excited for this occasion. But I'll save the rest for when I do the "post shower blog". I'm out of things to talk about right now, but I'll be back soon. I promise.


Amanda said...

you bought the cup!
i love you =) and i'm very excited :D see you friday.


idk i had to :)

Lauren said...

Cheers to our favorite things :) Looking forward to the shower.

Alison Riling said...

=/ i really wish i could go to ur bridal shower biki... it sounds like its gunu be freaking awesome.. and of course it will be, because everything about u is freaking awesome. lol

i love you. have fun. take loads of pics so i can see them.


Amanda said...

i love you! it was beautiful :)