Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!

Song: Fidelity
Artist: Regina Spektor
So, in light of it being my blogs belated birthday, I decided to return to the blogging world and give writing another shot. I've been putting off writing for months now. Similar to a friend of mine, I didn't have time to write. Then things started happening that I wanted to write about, but hadn't written so long that I wanted to catch up.... so I just never did. And here I am! So, to bring you up to par... like any diet that has ever been done, I succeeded in the short term, but failed epically in the long run. Of course we all diet and re-diet and cheat and what not, so that's of no concern. However, when it comes to my mental diet, I enjoyed an Epic Win. I have grown a lot over the past few months. My marriage, friendships, and kinship has changed drastically with my adoption of a "we may never see each other again" attitude. Even in the stupid things and the people I see all the time, I kinda enjoyed them more believing that it may be the last (even though it's probably not). On another note, I did not get in to FIU Nursing school. Long story... upon complaining, I found out that they're not even sure why I didn't get in. I was super depressed for a bit, but I didn't realize that there was a different window of opportunity being opened. To shorten it, I was invited to a better program (Physician Assistant) and am currently pursuing my career! That is pretty much all that is new. Until I start my program, I'm working in 2 clinics and dissecting cadavers for my anatomy teacher (that is a whole other story in itself). I am totally enjoying my time off and getting ready for what God had planned for me all along. That's pretty much all I've got to say for now. Until next blog, here is a list of things I never wrote about but will mention briefly:
-Got a job at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza
-Threw a killer surprise party for my husband
-Went through a painstaking process of getting into nursing school (only to hear that I was never rejected in the first communication fail.)
-Applied for PA school... I pretty much have my seat saved. YAY!
-Enjoyed a fantastic 22nd bday eating EVERYTHING... literally ate all my favorite foods. yum!
-Quit my job @ Anthony's (May-December, not a bad run!)
-Went to Hawaii (amazing)
-Saw a lot of really cool people get engaged.

That is pretty much all... I think...

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