Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Internet... how I love thee.

So, today I just happened to realize that I really love the internet. You can get just about anything done on here. I'm taking three of my college courses online, my text books are online, you can read books online, look for information in an infinite database, and even blog about it. How freaking awesome. I think the thing I enjoy most about the internet is Ebay. Ebay is the freaking mac daddy of all auctioneers. I think you can buy just about anything there! and well, I have been buying things there.... things I can't find anywhere else! I was so happy to see that they have the European version of DOVE deodorant on ebay. It comes in a spray bottle, and lasts for 24 hours....literally! It is freaking awesome! I use to use it when I was studying abroad in Prague. It just happened to be the greatest deodorant ever.... So good that even in the heat wave we experienced, I smelled frikin awesome! So yeah... horray for ebay and... INTERNET!!!! WOOO!!! Thank you Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the internet, Pierre Omidyar for creating ebay, and wikipedia for giving me that little tid bit of info! 

Other news: I am very happy that the NY Giants won the Super Bowl! It was quite possibly the greatest game I have ever seen. Also, Giselle Bundchen will not be keeping her promise to run through Time Square naked as a result of the Patriots losing. (So sorry guys). Her press manager said she never made such a promise. Apparently the rest of the English speaking world is wrong about it. Oh well, no biggie. I just thought it was quite funny (and arrogant) for her to make such a strong pre-bowl supposition. 
Things have been pretty quiet in my household lately. Now that Rey is gone, I wake up to an empty house (well, Macho is there) and sub-sequentially decided to stop watching TV in the mornings since I have no one to watch it with. I must say, I am in much better shape now that I've replaced TV watching in the AM with a little exercise or gym time. So, horray! for being in shape... but BOOOO. I kinda miss watching Spin City and Dharma & Greg every morning with Rey. To compensate for the emotional pain, I eat now. (jk..lol)... but I do love to eat. Now that I'm in a nutrition class, I've learned how to make my terrible eating habits semi-good! I'm very happy with the classes I'm taking this semester; they're all pretty awesome!
Other than all this randomness, not much has really happened in the past 10 days that I have not blogged (sorry for that... online class gets in the way. lol)... I went to Thomas's aunt's 50th birthday party.... had a great time...and also tripped up (yes up, not down) the stairs while saying goodnight to Tom's ex-girlfriend (you must hear the story some day... pretty funny).... went to my uncle Arthur's 50th birthday party a couple of days ago, and had a great time with family and friends (and the Samurai food we ate)... and basically did alot of nothing.
I just wanted to catch up, and maybe catch up a little more later. Dave Uribe told me something that I am recognizing to be true now.... Something about being deterred from blogging because we don't have enough time to make a long one... when really, short and sweet ones are better than none! I couldn't agree more, so short and sweet it shall be. So.... yea! Thanks Dave. Good advice.
That's about all I have to say today, so... bye? or... whatever you say at the end of a blog. 


Lauren said...

Yes...I love the Dove deodorant. See ya thurs.

Kristel said...

post the tripping upstairs story!!!

Anne Marie said...

Yes, let's thank wikipedia for all that is random but important information! Imagine trying to get through a semester without internet, wow! And seriously, Dave is our little internet 'confucious' always giving good advice just when you need it. Short and sweet really is the best - and I learned that lesson from him too!

Merari said...

I love the internet and eating too!

i should join your workout sessions in the morning, though. I needs it.