Friday, February 8, 2008

Tripping UP the Stairs

Song: Misery Business
Artist: Paramore

So, at my lovely friend K-lo's request, I am going to tell the story of how I tripped up the stairs.
Before you read this story, however, you must read a little bit of background information.

Thomas is Greek. In the Greek culture, when someone gets married, their best man and maid of honor can not be a blood relative... here is why. In a Greek wedding, you are supposed to pick your best friends (boy and girl) who are not relatives to be your maid of honor and best man for this purpose: Who ever these people are, they become kind of an extended family... not necessarily blood relatives, but just... extra family (the way cubans call close friends Tio and Tia.. lol). Anyway, Thomas's ex girlfriend (who also has a twin! might I add.. pretty cool)... she is a part of his extended family. Not like he dated his cousin or anything... more like a close friend. Her mother is the extended family of his, so they kind of grew up together and the families are close. The breakup... and Thomas's getting together with me.. have kind of been a funny thing that none of us really ever talk about... kinda that awkward thing no one wants to mention. So, now that you know that, here goes my story.

Thomas and I were at his aunt Maria's 50th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Of course, like all family functions, his ex girlfriend was there. I have kinda adjusted to being around her, and don't really mind it. I just try to not be awkward, and try to make small talk (which I suck at...). So, the night went on perfectly. Things were great! The family was fun! Everything was cool. Later on, Thomas's uncle asked me, "So, is it awkward for you that you are around her? Like, do you have to leave the room when she walks in? Or do you talk to her? Is it weird?"... I know the rest of his family wonders the same questions for me... but they don't ever ask... so this was a first. I responded, "No wayyy!!!! I'm totally cool! It doesn't bother me at all! She's just like any other part of the family to me." He seemed shocked by my response, being that the entire family feels the non-existing tension between her and i. 

So, it was time to go. I started giving my good night kisses away to the family, one by one. I started outside, worked my way to the TV room, then to the kitchen, then to the living room (which faces the stairway). DONE! All I had left was the upstairs, where all Tom's cousins were playing Wii. I started to make my way up the stairs, and in the process, Tom's ex was walking down the stairs. I could feel peoples eyes staring at us, waiting and thinking "OH MAN! THEY'RE SAYING GOODNIGHT!". I said goodnight to her, and did the kiss on the cheek thing as usual, and right after that... BAM! I tripped on who knows what... and fell up the stairs. It wasn't even a pretty fall, it was like, trip trip try to get up and trip again on the stairs. I started laughing loudly out of embarrassment. I heard people asking if I was ok, but all I could do was look at her face, watching me as I fell and tried to get up. WOW. So, I think I pretty much shot the "Things are totally cool" statement to heck after that. The family showed concern and tried not to laugh, but my embarrassed laugh is so loud and obnoxious that they had to laugh along. I turned bright red, like a tomato... and proceeded to the door and left. 

When I got in the car, all I could do was laugh the whole way home. For some reason, the embarrassment followed me. Thomas felt bad for me, and so did the rest of his family... but that didn't matter. All I could do was laugh. I guess it's not as bad as it seems, but still... I was quite embarrassed.... especially because I had just finished saying how OK i am with seeing her around. Oh well!

So that is the story. I hope you enjoyed it!


Amanda said...

best story. AGAIN! the more i hea it, the more i laugh. i love it.

Merari said...


ohh man. That is the worst. Seeing the b/f's ex all the time AND tripping in front of her... dang!!!!

You deserve a hug ;0)

Lauren said...

Oh Brigitte...that story still remains funny till this day.

Anne Marie said...

wow. that sounds so awkward. and funny.

Janell said...

lol thats awesome!!! i would have laughed there and them cried in the car! you are awesome..only you brigitte! lol

Amanda said...

think you need an update. just a thought:)

Sketchism said...

So Thomas' ex made you stumble.

Maybe it's because he swept you off your feet.

I keed I keed. You know I'm just trippin'.