Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Been a while! Part 1

Song: New Soul
Artist: Yael Naim

So... It's been a while since my last post, so here comes a long one! Actually, I will be doing this post in parts, 1 through whatever.
FIRST! A video I saw that is just plain stupid, but I happen to enjoy the stupidity.

The past couple of weeks have been quite challenging for me. Thomas just recently had knee surgery in order to get his ACL replaced. The first few days of recovery were terrible (he was sad and sick), but now he is recovering quite nicely. He can officially bend his knee all the way (which is not expected until more than a month of recovery has taken place)!!! He is also walking around normally and can almost do stairs. WOO! Being his nurse was fun, most of the time. He has been sleeping at my house since the surgery. At first, waiting on him was pretty easy...since I care about him so much. After a couple of days, however, I began to lose sleep from waking him up every 4 hours for medication (that needs to be taken with food... agh.). I was slightly irritable (certain people can attest to that...), but got through it right away after a good nap...and good friends! =) 

I've had a little bit of spare time on my hands, so I've been able to hang out with some of my favorite people again (i.e., spiegel family, amanda, alison, rey, and of course, thomas). School has been kind of slow...and now it's winding down to the end. Already I have completed a few of my courses with an A! YAY! Only a few more finals and then.... (drum roll).... A ONE WEEK BREAK! YAY! I'm so glad I will not have to be in any of these classes ever again. I am going to miss Fred, however. He has been a good teacher... or whatever you want to call him. 

I went to go see THE DARK KNIGHT...twice! (the nerd is coming out).. whoaaa mama, that was a killer! Super violent, entertaining, and adventurous (as every super hero film should be). Spectacular performance by Mr. Ledger (rest his soul) and Christian Bale! Not really a fan of Miss Maggie Gyllenhaal though... She's not as pretty Katie Holmes... and, I just don't like her.  I also got to see a few not-so-old films: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Batteries Not Included, The Sandlot,  and Monster-in-Law. Very Fun! 

Thus concludes part 1 of Been a While... Be back soon....


Merari said...

yay that Thomas is better!

and yeah, not a fan of Katie or Maggie.... it shoulda been me! ;-)

Amanda said...

finally! you're virtually alive :) i absolutely LOVE that video btw. pssh lol.


teehee. i had to.

Alison Riling said...

lol yess i laugh every time i see that vid.

yay for posting :)

i misss u

Alison Riling said...

alright... .time for part 2 ;)