Wednesday, August 13, 2008

(The Long Awaited) PART 2!

Song: Lovers In Japan/Reign of Love
Artist: Coldplay

SO! It has been a great couple of weeks, again! I am OFFICIALLY on my short summer break! ...and have been totally soaking it up! But before I get into that, let me back-track a little bit. I left off telling you about my nursing experience with Thomas. Well, he is doing SOOOO much better now! He has officially moved out of my house (after living here for about a month) and he is perfectly able to go up the stairs now! Yay, Thomas! Also, on my last Anatomy lab class, the professor interrupted my session with Fred and called me into the office. Turns out, I didn't have to take the final since I got high A's on my exam! WOO! I will miss him (Fred), though. I managed to take the rest of my exams without having a nervous break down. Some grades have not been posted, but for the ones that were, so far so good!

Now, for my amazing break! I finally have the time to work on my wedding plans! I'm in the process of choosing my flowers, food, and other little details. My bouquet will be my signature of course! I do have a question for you (my readers), though. I'm taking a little poll (which you can participate in on the right of the screen, whether you have blogger or not!) and am asking for honest opinions! I happen to love shoes, and I love pink. These two things are all over the place when you see me. I have a friend who wore converse on her wedding day... very cool! Very Her! I, however, don't know if I have the guts to be as brave as her and do something extraordinary. So, I need a little pushing (if you agree).
Take the poll! This (to your right) is basically what I'd be wearing (to give you a visual)... Anyway, other than the glorious wedding plans, things have been relatively stable. I spent a couple days with Amanda... which was super fun! Her and I went on a couple of shopping expeditions and found a lot of great deals! I also had the opportunity to spend time with the some family, whom I've missed terribly. I need more time with them. Other than that, things are good! I just got a new pair of glasses, which Thomas and Amanda picked. I'll post a picture up soon. That's all for now!


big teaser said...

Take that risk and were them, they are fabolous!

Anonymous said... it! No question.

Merari said...

do it! do it!
I totally support the pink.