Monday, December 22, 2008

Short but sweet!

Song: Life in Technicolor ii
Artist: Coldplay

Biki's Bags is now open for business! Now that I'm married and in need of health insurance, I'm going to be making CapriSun purses again to start payin' the bills! Since I have laryngitis right now and can't really do much with my time, I decided to make a new project. Today I created the very first EVER (I have never ever seen one yet to this day) CapriSun bookbag. Here are a few pictures. I'm very excited to take it out! I'm not sure I'm going to sell this one since it is a prototype, however if someone makes a good offer, I guess I can't refuse. Tell your friends! CapriSun bags are back! =)

Horray for RECYCLING! =)
It's got a seashell closure. I ran out of buttons.


Amanda said...

im gonna get to work :)

Merari said...

you are quite creative :-D

Kristel said...

ha! nice bag.

Alison Riling said...

yay they're back. =)

btw.. i didnt know you had laryngitis .. biki i can never keep up with you =( lol.

miss you