Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just In Time For The New Year.....

Song: Yellow (live)
Artist: Coldplay

As you all know so well, it has been an extremely eventful year for me, my family, and my friends. Just for kicks, I decided to do a quick recap of 2008! (dont be mad...i'm not mentioning birthdays... those happen every year! I might, however, mention my own... it was important!)

1. January 14, 2008: My Blog: Part of the Color Brigitte is BORN! (Photo by Glowing Light)

2. January 19, 2008: Rey leaves for Seminary in Kentucky... what a sad day

3. March 29, 2008: Thomas decides to pop the question....2 weeks after our anniversary! What a sneak!
4. April 12, 2008: Kristel's Bridal Shower... Amazing!! (Photo by Merari)
 Also, May 23, 2008: her Bachelorette Party...
and finally.... May 31, 2008: her glorious wedding!
5.  April 24, 2008: Mu-Dai... and Dave Uribe's incredible work of art... (He also did graduate! which is definitely a highlight of this year, but I have no pictures)
6. May 5, 2008: The day I met FRED. Need I say more? =)
7. May 25, 2008: Amanda graduates! I bought her a matching barbie... it was a good day!
8. June 3, 2008: Thomas's birthday... he (like a good steak) had finally aged to perfection!
9. June 8, 2008: What a GREAT day for an Engagement Party! =) (Photo by Paul)
10. June 21, 2008: Thomas finds out he tore his ACL, and gets it repaired days later via arthroscopic surgery! (Photo by Paul)
11. September 27, 2008: Viv's Bridal Shower!

 October 24, 2008: .....Followed by her rehearsal dinner....
 October 26, 2008: ......and then her wedding!

12. October 4, 2008: Lia's Bridal Shower! (photo by Merari)
October 30, 2008: ...Followed by her rehearsal dinner....
November 1, 2008: ...and her wedding!

13. October 8, 2008: Rey comes down to MIA for his surprise PROPOSAL! Yay!
14. October 11, 2008: Only one of the most fun days ever! My Favorite Things BRIDAL SHOWER!
15. November 9, 2008: Only the greatest wedding gift ever received... the COLDPLAY Concert!
16. November 26, 2008: The Night of the Rehearsal Dinner! Horray for crepes!
November 29, 2008: ....followed by the wedding!
December 1, 2008:.... and the honeymoon that got cut short by 7 days. =(
17. December 4, 2008.... My 21st bday! Shared with family and friends! It was also Loli's bday!
18. December 17, 2008: Thomas graduates with his MASTERS in accounting! WOO! (photo by Paul)
19. December 28, 2008: Pepper De Armas is introduced to the family! adorable =)
20.... This will just be my list of randomness...

Among all these things, we had the opportunity to:
-See Jeff Dunham Live... hilarious!
-Enjoy our very first Christmas together!
-Get picked up by search and rescue on a private island
-Go to Orlando for our honeymoon 2.0 to enjoy magic kingdom, animal kingdom, and MGM
-Get a new 2009 Acura TL in white! Yay Thomas! Happy graduation!
-Get Guitar Hero World Tour
-Have dinner guests at our home two nights in a row! (samurai night first, then loaded fries and fritas night!)
-Plan a new years party for the very first time with some friends of ours!

and most importantly.... at this moment I am writing this blog... I am witness to a wonderful miracle. I had the wonderful opportunity to watch my grandma NANU defeat breast cancer! I've been at the hospital all night with her and she looks great! Praise God that she is doing so well.

And thus concludes this awesome eventful year... in a nutshell.

My resolutions (please hold me to them!):
1. To be an amazing wife!
2. To do something extraordinary for God
3. To get into nursing school
4. To make enough money working until nursing school to pay my health insurance for the next 3 years
5. Maintain my BMI and tone my muscles

Let's hope I stick to my guns and do a good job this year!


Anonymous said...

Yay! What a great year! :-)

Amanda said...

i love it. total recap. you def had a lot of time to sit there and organize events in chronological order, dates and all. fantastic photos too ;)

Simplicity said...

Great Year!
Those resolutions are all doable Yay! good luck to you :)