Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finally! Some Free Time!!!!

Song: Take Me Out
Artist: Franz Ferdinand

So, It's been 1.17 months since I've blogged. It was definitely a crazy January, to say the least. Where do I start!?! How about New Years. Seems like a good way to start this blog today. Of course all of these instances will be random, and most things that happened this month will be left out due to lack of blogging/time.

New Years Eve: What a hilarious way to end a great 2008. Good food, good friends, fun times... everything went flawlessly that evening until a little after the strike of 12. A friend of ours decided to play with the fireworks and light a whole package of bottle rockets (still in the plastic wrapper, setting the wrapper that holds the fuses together on fire). I wasn't outside at that exact moment. In fact, I was inside the house making fun of how boys love to play with fire (or just people in general for that matter... I like fire too.). Amanda and I walk towards the kitchen and suddenly see in the darkness of the back yard bright lights, people ducking and dropping to the floor, and fireworks exploding around eye level. Suddenly I heard screaming, and Tati rushed into the house, bleeding in the general area of her mouth. It looked like one popped in her face. Wonderful. I quickly took her to the kitchen and commenced the "cleaning of the wound" technique. FUNNNN! She was scared, poor thing. Thank God it just cut her lip, and nothing more serious than that. As soon as I finished there, I went to the back yard to see what happened. Apparently a couple of rockets fired at my hubby as well. His was a little more humorous though. A couple hit his chest and arm, and he thought he might be on fire, so he jumped in the pool (with what I now dub the "statue of liberty" pose, since one arm was straight in the air out of the pool trying to salvage his iPhone... it worked). He walked out of that situation, thankfully, with just some singed hair, a 1st degree burn on his arm, a ruined shirt (my favorite, actually), and wet clothes. No Big. I know this is old news... but I will enjoy reminiscing when i read this blog X weeks/years from now. 

After all of this went down, things generally went back to the way they were before. I started school, Tom went back to work, so on and so forth. Ana, Lauren's mom, had a great idea to give me an internship like job at the Good News Care Center down in homestead. What a blessing! I work now every Friday, and am loving every moment of it. I get to draw blood, give shots, and take vitals! WOO! I also get to see and experience some interesting sicknesses/patients. Love that job! This, among other things, has been the source of my time consumption! School has been crazy. Today I took a really tough exam for my microbiology class. What a life ruiner! I have had my face in a book for so long, I almost forgot how to enjoy my spare time! Luckily, I've had a friend to cheer me up when I was tired of school and wanting to just drop dead. 

Some more random but awesome things that have happened this month:

We found out that my Nanu (grandma) does NOT need chemotherapy, and that hormone therapy will suffice! THANK GOD!

My dad had surgery on this lump he had behind his ear, and he is looking better by the minute. A day after his surgery he was already up and running (which I did not recommend, but its how me feels better I guess). Woo!!!

The Spiegels inherited 5 glorious puppies from their dogs Honey and Louis! They are adorable, and are all healthy and adorable. 

Becca, my maid-of-honor, started public high school mid-semester and is loving every minute! So very happy for her! She looks so much happier now too!

My mom and I have been able to spend a little more time together since Tom and my dad have been attending a Bible study every Monday night. I do love spending time with my mom. So glad we have an "appointment" every week. 

My brother has been battling the crappiest weather ever in Kentucky. I feel terrible for him. I wish I could send him a palm tree and a loaf of cuban bread. Fortunately, the school snow days are over and classes are back in session! 

Lots of random awesomeness! Now I just want to be TAKEN OUT! away from the house, the computer screen, books, notes, everything. I can't wait to get out. 1 more day till the weekend! =D


Paul said...

OMG I am the first!!!

Lauren said...

What school is becca at? SAS?

Amanda said...

...killian, no?

i love hearing about things i already know about. but i guess with franz ferdinand and the pink, it sounds so much better reading it here. lol

Kiki said...

For a gazillion dollars, you CAN be kind to your brother:

Thanks for finally posting:)

Brigitte said...

Kiki! That's an amazing website (cuban food!). I bet the shipping is horrendous though. Thanks anyway! =D

Kiki said...

Forget the shipping, 24.99 for three flautes de pan Cubano....BLASPHEMY!! I guess there are things about Miami that I take for granted like HOT from the over Pan Cubano for like a buck...

Alison Riling said...

i think its time for an update lol