Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Drop Dead Fred

Song: Call Me Irresponsible
Artist: Michael Buble
So.... where do I start? These past couple of days have been pretty decent. On Monday, I woke up at 5 something to get to my 6 something AM class... which went quite well after I rolled out of bed. I think I'm getting use to it. My 8 AM Anatomy Lab, however, went AMAZING! This week, I had the privilege of meeting my instructor (and cadaver). FIU happens to be one of the only schools in Florida that lets you practice with real human cadavers in anatomy as opposed to animal bodies. It is quite interesting...as disgusting as it sounds. When my professor opened that big blue body bag and introduced me, he covered his face with a towel and said, meet your NEW teacher. I asked, "Does he have a name?"... the professor responded... "No, just a number.". That made me sad, so I continued to announce to the teacher that I would name him Fred.... Fred Cadaver. Fred seems like a cool guy. It was quite an experience being introduced to someone's dead body, I must say. Kind of eerie, gross, and somewhat mind-blowing. Unlike the photo I've posted, He is not sliced down the middle (yet). He is, however, missing all his skin....but has managed to keep all his hair since his face is the only part with patches of skin left.
A lot of the students kept complaining to each other how terrible it is that they need to work with a real body, and I continued to respond with a "WTF are you doing in this field if you're too chicken for a dead body?". Maybe I'm not so good at making friends. But the people at my lab bench did laugh. We seem to get along. Oh! Also, while I was getting settled into my bench, I decided to put my book-bag underneath so it wouldn't get in the way. That was when I encountered an old and decrepit arm. I immediately raised my hand and said, "Sir, someone's arm is under my desk". He laughed. I guess I was jut creeped out that someone's old arm (minus a body) was right next to me, in some weird contorted kind of position. It did not look as good as the ones pictured above... mostly because this one had skin, and the skin happened to be old and falling off (and the arm was real). The nails were in tact too. Creepy! Anyway, enough of that. Class was fun, and Chemistry class was cool too since the teacher is so funny. He spits when he talks, though...So I've learned to stay away from the front row.

Besides that, nothing huge has really happened. School is school. Everything else is just nice. This week my family will be going to Las Vegas... and I will not (you know that's real dedication right there!). While they are having fun in Sin City, I will be home with my grandparents, doing homework and loafing around the house. It's gunna be great! Anyway.... That is all for now.... Until next time.


Anonymous said...

Wow...that is gross...and amazing! lol.
hope you have more fun/creepy experiences in anatomy lab. :-)

Amanda said...

eww. so i'd be the girl you yelled at. so not going anywhere NEAR that field. ::throws up::

don't worry brigitte, i'll keep you company! who needs sin city when you can just sin?

crap. i forgot about your brother the (wannabe?) pastor.


Merari said...

This blog kills me... get it? Kill? Death? Cadaver? no? sigh... I tried.