Wednesday, May 7, 2008

eltiT golB cixelsyD s'ettigirB

Song:Violet Hill (AWESOME NEW SONG!)
Artist: Coldplay

First of all, I must express my deep love for Coldplay and their new kick-butt song Violet Hill. Their new sound is what I think would be Coldplay-meets-Franz Ferdinand. I love it. Hear it, Love it too... you wont regret it! =) Can't wait for the rest of their new album Viva La Vida!

In other news, Obama seems to be kicking Hillary's arse in this pre-election shindig. He scares me on multiple levels, but I wont even start with that. Gas and Diesel have hit an all time high in Michigan this week... a creepy $3.73 for regular and $4.33 for diesel. Yikes! Alaska, Can I tap that? ;) Or even better, who killed the freaking electric car? (clearly, I am pissed off at the world today). I'm very close to abstaining from the morning news for the sole purpose that it is ruining my day. I think I would rather dwell on the evening news when the crap has already hit the fan rather than try and think about what could or could not happen.

Well, you didn't read this blog to hear the news, so I will stop... and to cheer you up, I brought along a small clip that is almost 100% likely to make you laugh. Enjoy.

Good Times, Eh? =) Today I reminisced with my brother on all the stupid things that have happened that I have forgotten about. I continued to tell him how it feels like my snowboarding accident never happened... but I still have the scar to prove it. Weird how time flies and the past seems so unusually distant from the memory. (I get like this when I think about how much my life has changed in such little time.) Scary, huh? On top of that, an acquaintance from Chemistry class told me today how "short life is" and all that stuff... and for the first time, I replied, "dude, What's longer than life?". She laughed...and then fell into deep thought. I love that my sarcastic remarks spark thoughtfulness.

Anyway, I'm sorry if this is an unusual blog for me. The lack of pictures, funny stories, all that Brigitte-ey stuff... I don't feel it today. I feel tired (already) physically (from not sleeping and working out as well) and mentally (from this lump sum of classes I'm taking this summer). I'm not complaining!, mind you. I'm just not adjusted and wish I was. The only thing that keeps me going is the reminder that I will be free this Fall. =) The light IS at the end of the tunnel shining bright. That is all for today. Hope you somewhat enjoyed my random thought.


Amanda said...

ok a few things.
first, yes, violet hill is amazing :) love it! coldplay does it again!

haha, i forgot that david cursed ;)

and i love you. don't stress. you're smart. you're taking 7 classes, so you have an excuse to have a non-Brigittelike blog. it's ok :) we understand!

on a lighter note, call me up whenever you wanna have lunch. ya know, on your free day, like tomorrow? i'll relieve you =)

Amanda said...

btw, clever title. but i think the second word from the end is missing an "s".
love you!

Sa-rah said...

Hey Brigitte!
Love reading your stuff.

Keep those sarcastic remarks coming.

God bless.


Lauren said...

The best comic ever is called Pearls Before Swine in the herald. Plus I could not agree more about the cold play song. It rocks!