Monday, May 5, 2008

It Starts.

Song: Brain Stew
Artist: GreenDay
So, today a new semester began. I woke up at 5 something this morning, got ready, and left for school by 6:10. I hate waking up that early, but I do love how there is NO TRAFFIC! Definitely the highlight of my morning. I got to school really fast, even after stopping for breakfast at BK (record time:10 minutes including breakfast stop). Turns out, FIU is really screwing over the science department's funding. The professor (which is quite funny) expressed his anger this morning when we were locked out of our class room and no one was there to let us in another. We ended up switching to another building-which he was not happy about. FIU wont grant him the room he wants, even though there are no other classes at freakin 6:40 in the morning. Gotta love it. Anyway, he was so upset about not having a permanent location that he canceled class until next week....which means I get to sleep in a couple more days! Actually, now that I think about it, I really don't get to because of my 8 AM lab on Wednesday. Basically, the time schedule sucks, but I end up getting more out of my day. This semester consists of 7 classes, all of which fall on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. I get to sleep and study on Tuesdays and Thursdays! WOO! It's going to be a great one.

In other news, I did find the shoes I will be wearing on my wedding day. Imagine the shoes on the left in white, and there it is! I went shoe shopping with my soon to be mother-in-law... and she bought the shoes in honor of her father (he passed a few years back, but was an awesome man from all that I've heard). Thomas will be wearing his Papu's (grandpa in Greek) shoes on our wedding day to keep the memory alive as well (surprise! they do fit him!). Anyway, the shoes do look incredibly tall, and they are! A whopping 4 inches tall! But I have no fears, I walk in shoes this tall all of the time since my fiance is a whole foot taller than I. Luckily, they do have a hidden platform in the front for extra comfort (and I will also be GELLIN'). My Mother and I have also taken care of the invitations and invite list this weekend. They look beautiful! Thomas' uncle owns a print shop, so he will be taking care of our invitations. It took a long time to pick the perfect one, but we finally narrowed it down to where we could confidently say THIS IS THE ONE! (Sounds like dating) Thomas' other uncle happens to be a photographer (and an excellent one, might I add), and he will be taking care of our photos. Also, his other uncle is a florist, so he will be taking care of our flower arrangements! I'm glad we get to keep it all in the family. =) The plans are going by flawlessly!
Anyway, since I was released from class early, I decided to blog. Now, I would like to try and sleep since it clearly got cut short this morning. =)


Merari said...

Your shoes are rockin'! very hot.

How awesome is it that you got great connections in his family??

No wonder you're marrying Thomas... he has great family connections! hehe... I keed.


Kristel said...

Three days of the week I have to be at work by 6:30 in the I understand the awfulness of getting up at "five something" in the morning! lol, it stinks.

And those shoes ARE should practice walking in them though to break 'em in.

And I agree with Merari it IS great to have all these family connections.
Are you guys gonna take some engagement portraits???

I can't believe you have SO much planning done should just get it all over with...just get married already. ;-)

Alex and I are in "the final countdown" but we still have quite a bit to get done! Ahh!

Amanda said...

i'm so excited for you! ah, my lack of "reading blogs" was evident these 2 weeks. wi fi was acting up at my house, or i just wasn't home! wow tuesday & thursdays off? sweet! not bad not bad. let's hang out!

p.s. the shoes rock!

Lauren said...

Just start a countdown until you are done with classes...before you know it its over. Lovin' the shoes :)