Thursday, May 1, 2008

Awesome Week Indeed.....

Title: School of Rock
So, this past week was the hideous week that everyone tries to avoid.... FINALS WEEK! (lightning crashes in background).... I took five of my finals in one week, and the last two last week. Surprisingly, for having so many classes, I did pretty well! Over all, my GPA this semester (only this semester, not cumulative) came out to be a whopping 3.7! I'm very happy (as anyone would be) with this. On top of that, I took the NET (nursing entrance test) and passed with flying colors. That was a real relief.
Unfortunately, all of these tests and what not have tapped into my valuable summer vacation (which, mind you, only lasts 2 weeks). I officially have only 3 days left until all
the goodness is over. This summer, I will be taking 7 classes (yikes!). I want to finish up a few credits this summer so I can take it easy in the Fall semester (before my wedding). I have to admit, I am a little bit scared of that many classes (even though I took 6 this semester). I'm taking two of my major sciences, which is creepy. Hopefully I will not feel too overwhelmed since 2 of the classes that I am taking are online. I'm not too sad about all of this, however, because I will have the Fall semester to relax (while everyone else is in school suffering! BUAHAHA!). =)

In other news, preparing for my upcoming wedding has been relatively easy! Everything has pretty much come together. All that is left for me to do is pick bride's maids dresses, tuxes, flowers... and that's it. Thomas and I finally booked our honeymoon, which is going to be awesome. He is a little bit scared of flying long distances, so we decided to keep it near by. We are going to a private island (peter island) that is part of the British Virgin Islands. It looks really cool because it is very quiet. No cars, crazy tourists, just people who want to relax. From what I've heard, (Thomas' co-worker has been to many islands, but he said this is his favorite) it is a small island in which you need to arrive by small water plane or by ferry. The personnel all know you by name, and are very kind. The awesome part is, all of the activities are free. Thomas and I get to go snorkeling at the Island of Tortola, get to take a day trip to St. Thomas, and get all those other things like bike riding and what not... FUN! It will be nice, and I look forward to it.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Hope you have a great day.


Lauren said...

Awesome! No school in the fall..finally I have someone who can join in on the fun with me. We must take advantage of this come finals in fall..(party)

Kristel said...

lol, I love that little simplicity image up there...that looks like all my physics exams back in high school! lol, I'm not even kidding.

Your honeymoon sounds amaaaaazing! It's gonna be so great.
So care to share any of the wedding details??? Or is it all a secret? ;-)

Brigitte said...

i do care to share =) wanna have lunch?