Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine!

Song: Time
Artist: Hootie & the Blowfish
Today, I have to say, waking up was almost unbearable. The alarm clock went off at 5:30, 6 hours after I went to sleep, and I felt like I had only slept a few minutes. Don't you hate that? Sheesh! Anyway, I managed to drag myself around the house and do my normal routine. I officially woke up when the cold morning water hit my face... which was quite refreshing, actually. Being that Anatomy is my favorite class, I would gladly bear the burden of waking up super early and sitting through a 2 hour lecture. Today, however, felt like class would never end. I was counting the minutes down 'till I got to go to my Anatomy lab. Lab is exciting, and plus, Fred is there! When I finally arrived and sat at my lab desk, the fire alarm went off! We sat outside for a good 45 minutes (thank you FIU). People looked severely pissed off at the world.
When they finally let us back in, the fun began! I'm getting ready for the examination of the bones. There are frikin a million of them! Oh yeah, remember that hand under my lab desk? I took a little snap shot for you to see.... =) I wondered if this person was going to flick someone off before rigamortis set in, but I guess I will never know. You can only see the hand since I was stupid and took the picture from the front, but I guess you can use your imagination for the rest! lol.  Well, that pretty much sums up my morning. Today has only started for me. I come! 

This past weekend was so much fun! Since the family went to Vegas, I decided to have a party at my house with Amanda. We ate white chocolate bread pudding for breakfast, cupcakes and pretzels for lunch, and so much other crap you can't even imagine. Over the course of 4 days, her and I managed to watch 27 Dresses, PS I Love You, Juno, and There's Something About Mary. All great movies! Except PS I Love You. Unless you want to feel miserable and cry for 2 hours, don't watch it. I guess it was cute in some ways, though, so I can't completely bash it. On Friday night we went to Dave and Busters with Thomas and his cousin, which was awesome! I never get tired of that place. And speaking of places I never get tired of, Thomas and I went on a date at Samurai on Saturday night. The food was incredible! We had a really good samurai...he was kind of old school. The food was super flavorful and juicy! Still have yet to be disappointed. Sunday morning, 6 AM to be exact, Thomas and I went to the airport to pick up my family. We had breakfast, went home, and slept! My parents and Rey looked exhausted from the jet lag. Sucks, but it happens. That's all that really happened. All I have left to say is that forest fires suck. I hate smoke, and we could sure use some rain! The end.

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Amanda said...

ok a few things...

#1, he was TOTALLY gonna flick 'em off. too bad he died...
#2, you, dr. sucia, look very cute in your little lab coat (:
#3, my favorite part of this blog is the last paragraph.
i love you!