Thursday, January 17, 2008

As a door closes, another opens.....

So, today is Rey's last official night in Miami. I guess since I originally thought he was leaving in August, I've been prepped for this, but as the time grows near (by the minute), I realize how not-ok I am with it....but somehow I've come to the conclusion that Rey's leaving is out of my hands. This is just another step in his life that he needs to take to become who he wants to be, and I'm ok with that. I guess it just sucks, knowing that I'm coming home to nothing (or waiting up late at night for nothing). I must say, it's been one hell of a good run he and I have had. (and here is where i start to helps in the coping process)  Since birth, I've known Rey to be that amazing big brother... the cool guy whom I'd look up to forever. When we were young, I happened to be a very small infant, so Rey would stroll me around in my cabbage patch kids stroller (yeah i fit in there) around our pool table... and from that moment on... I always looked up to him for everything and anything. Like this ONE TIME.....
We had just moved into a new house after hurricane andrew... and my father asked us to pick up the big rocks from around the yard (I still don't know why...). In the process of doing so, my brother explained to me with alot of anxiety, "BRIGITTE....HE CANT DO THIS TO US! ITS CHILD LABOR!!!!!"... he continued to explain the point of child labor laws and how my dad happened to be violating them all... (mind you... we must have been 7 years old and 11)... and so he encouraged me to tell him what he (my dad) was doing wrong! I believed everything Rey ever said, so I obeyed. I proceeded to barge into the house, dirty hands, smelly, you know... kid stuff.... and yelled "THERE ARE CHILD LABOR LAWS AGAINST WHAT YOU'RE HAVING US DO!!!!". My father responded with the infamous Backhand. Yeah, it sucked... but Rey got a good laugh out of me getting in trouble for his dirty work ;) ...I have to admit though, that was pretty damn great. 
There was also this other time, I asked Rey if planting a strawberry would produce any fruit. Rey responded by explaining how if I planted a strawberry in the back yard, a strawberry tree would grow! I was very skeptical... I asked if he was just screwing around with me... but he convinced me he was telling the truth. So, I took a few strawberries.... and planted them in the back yard. When I got back in the house, Rey just looked at me and started laughing... really hard (I guess in disbelief that I actually believed him...and followed through). At that point I was thinking... what the heck is so funny. Turns out strawberries don't grow on trees (clearly)... and that planting a strawberry in my back yard (the barren land) would yield nothing. I swear, I'd probably believe anything that guy tells me... no matter how sketchy it seems. (Oh, by the way.... don't think this story is funny? Here is the "punch line".... This wasn't when we were kids... it was just some time ago that this happened.)
There was also this one time.. I was too young to remember... but my mom told me the story and I thought it was too freakin cute to not mention it... BEST STORY EVER!

When I was born, my mom would change my diapers very often (DUH.). One day, Rey just happened to be present when she was changing me... And Rey GASPED out of disbelief. He said, "MOM!!!! THIS IS TERRIBLE!" She responded, "What's wrong Rey?"... And he continued, "BRIGITTE! SHE DOESN'T HAVE  A PIPI!"... yes... pretty funny... but it gets better......"Mom, we HAVE to take her to TOYS R US and BUY HER A PIPI!" =) this is my favorite Rey story. He use to think you could buy everything and anything at toys r us... including genitalia. 
So yeah, thinking of these stories, the late night chats we have, the times i stay up waiting for him to get home, the times i tell him to go to bed cause he fell asleep on the couch, waking up to watch dharma and greg and spin city, saved by the bell, etc... eating entire loaves of bread for breakfast... playing guitar hero... playing the wii... everything! I am definitely going to miss him. So much so, that I wanted to write about it. I know it's his time to leave the nest though. I am confident that he will do well where ever he goes and what ever he does... because he puts God first. So, since this is his last official night, I thought I'd write his going away prayer. I hope when you read this, you would send him your blessings as well. 
Here it goes:

Dear God,
Thank you for Rey! The greatest brother in the whole world!!!! Please protect him where ever he goes, and help him succeed in all the things you have in store for him. I am confident that you will look over him, because he is your child. I pray that you'll bless him for his obedience, and help him adjust in his new environment accordingly. Please bless him as he goes, and keep him company when he feels alone. Thank you again for such a great brother, friend, and teacher. In Jesus' name...
-your child.... Brigitte

Cool, my first blog prayer. That was interesting. Anyway, that's all I guess. Thanks for your time in my reminiscence. See you again soon!

Rey, my hero, my best bud, if you're reading... I love you. Be careful! Beware of the haters! lol... freakin toaster haters.

PS... happy birthday Janell! yay!! 20!!! welcome to purgatory. 
PSS... have any funny Rey stories? let me know!


Cristina said...

I have many rey stories but one that comes to mind is when rey, brigitte, noel, and I went midnight trick or treating, and we were walking up to this house and Rey slips on the step to go to the house! it was a very funny=)

Kristel said...

that was even made ME cry!
(of course, I am on my period, so I'm a little extra emotional, but whatever...)


Love ya, Brig. Thanks for all those hilarious Rey stories!

Jescel said...

stumbled on your blog through rey's and .... you just made me cry. must be awesome to have a big bro (something that i wish i had!)

Lauren said...

Rey stories are funny....don't worry he has a way of making me feel stupid, he's really good at it. BTW the "boyfriend in a sailboat" picture is one of my favorites it gets me laughing. It tends to be Rey's get out of trouble card.