Friday, January 18, 2008

The other side of the terminal....

My mood today: BLAH!
Song to hear while reading: November Rain! 
(it gives this blog a nice dramatic touch. lol)

Today was the day that Lauren and I drove Rey and my father to the airport to wish our final farewells (my dad went with Rey 
to help the moving process). We woke up at our own leisure this morning, packed up Rey's bags into my car, then went on our way. 
About 5 minutes after we left, my father realized that he forgot his bag, so we went back for it. I kept stressing to my father that it was important that they be at the airport EARLY in order to prevent the missing of a flight (like they've already done before...mind you.). 
He said, "Relax Brigitte, let Rey take his time....we have time!". I didn't believe him, but what could I say, he's my dad.  Anyway, we went on our way to the airport AGAIN, hit some ridiculous traffic, then arrived safely! (that may not seem like a big deal to most people, but man, in the traffic there was this morning, I thought we were going to get into a ton of accidents... so i was grateful.) 
We arrived at the airport to find that there wasn't any short term parking available, so we parked in the long term garage. While Rey was taking the bags out of my trunk, I noticed a stray luggage cart (the kind you pay for), then screamed, "YAY! FREE CART!". So I ran to the cart like an idiot than ran back with it. For some weird reason I didn't notice what was sitting in the front of the cart, until suddenly, it was clear to me. "EWWWWWW! REY!!! DONT PUT YOUR BAG IN THE FRONT!" Yeah, turns out there was a dirty diaper rolled up in the top compartment. Frikin gross. 
But that didn't stop us. I opened my trunk and found the only thing suitable to pick up such a disgusting thing: a Marlins bucket hat. I used the hat as a glove, and decided to take it out of the cart... just so we didn't have to look at it anymore. (we didn't even use that part of the cart, but the thought of it made it so much worse than it was). My dad got pretty upset with me for using a hat to take it out, but I didn't think it was a big deal. 

Well, we continued on our way to the terminal. When we found American Airlines, we got in line to get their tickets. There were some people standing around the line, but they were talking to someone and not going to the ticket machine, so we walked by them. About 5 minutes later I hear the man we passed saying (loud enough for us to hear), "It's so rude of some people to cut in line!"... and other stupidities. I kinda chuckled because he wasn't really in line anyway, but that's besides the matter (isn't it). 
We got the tickets and got the luggage tags, all that was left was taking the luggage to screening. I noticed that there was a gigantic line for screening, and guess who was in that line?!?! you guessed it, pissed off man from before. My dad saw an opening in the line, and the AA personnel asked him for his bags! (which was cool! NO LINE FOR US SUCKA!)... well, turns out it wasn't so cool. Pissed off guy got even more pissed off and yelled "THERE'S A LINE!", my dad was kinda oblivious, it wasn't really his fault since the AA guy just asked him for his bags anyway. My dad wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to skip a line legally, so he said OK! and gave up the luggage. The people looked even more pissed, and i laughed even harder. (HATERS!) Well, after all this hateration, we went to La Carreta for a quick fill of cuban bread! (Something Rey would not find in Kentucky). It was pretty great, and we finally realized that it was time to go! Rey picked up his carry on bag, as well as my dad, and we walked towards their terminal. Earlier we had been talking about when i left to Prague, and how my mom cried for days. I remember feeling terrible, but when i was gone, I felt better. Unfortunately, this time I found myself at the other side of the terminal...The side where you just get to sit back and watch your best pal walk away from the life he use to lead.
My brother in line for security check, about to go for good... this was not a happy moment. It hurt me to watch Rey and Lauren kiss as the tears streamed down her face... and my brother trying ever so hard to be strong. Inside, I wanted to die, and I knew that this was goodbye, for real. I tried to keep my composure, but my dad turned to me and said, "it's ok to cry...". That was it for me. The tears kept coming and coming and coming, and there it was, in a flash, goodbye, i love you, see you soon. My heart ached... For my mother, for my family, for myself, and mostly... for Lauren. As I thought of the pain of letting go of your closest companion, someone more than just family or friend, but your best friend and love, I couldn't bear the thought, let alone watch Lauren go through it. 
I tried hard to make her laugh... to the extent that we even took a picture while we were crying (for my blog's sake! lol)... she chuckled a little, but it didn't take long before the both of us were crying again. I guess I can say I've hit rock bottom. I've avoided the pain so long...that it's just swelled up inside of me and now I'm paying for it. I know it's just temporary, but still... letting go is the hardest part of all. 
I just have to stick to good old GnR... "Everybody needs some time...on their own". I guess I'm just waiting for that wicked guitar solo to come around my way once again. Can't wait to see you Rey! I love you! Miss you already, and boy.... don't we look awesome when we cry! ;) So there is today, the day of suck on the other side of the terminal.

I forgot to tell you! When I said in the beginning that you need to leave EARLY to the airport... I meant it. In the long run, Rey and dad missed their flight. Not because they weren't there ON TIME, but because they weren't there with ENOUGH TIME. Some jerk decided to make it hard for them to get on their flight, and ultimately won the war. They ended up taking a flight to Dallas, TX... then a flight to Kentucky. What a day.


Lauren said...

You summed it up nicely. Thanks for trying to make me laugh. It was a hard day no doubt, I just look forward to the time we get to bond together. See you sunday.

Alison Riling said...

=/ i wish i could've said goodbye..

Anonymous said...

Aw. It really is hard being on the other side of the terminal, huh?
I'm not gonna lie, I teared up a bit while reading your post. I hope you feel better!
We should do a little something next Sunday...breakfast? Or lunch? Holler back. :-)

Rey De Armas said...

i miss you brigitte :(...but i saw family guy and thought of you. don't forget to stick it to the man today.

Anonymous said...

saturday place...holler if you wanna join!

Lauren said...

Brig....I stumbled across this blog and thought of the little ones. Check it out

Merari said...

awwwww, this made me teary eyed.

I love that pipi story! hehe. I can totally picture Rey trying to find you a pipi at toys 'r us.