Monday, January 14, 2008

Catching up with the NEW YEAR.... (Longest Blog EVER)

Photos by: Peter Gregg Photography
So, since I decided to blog now, I decided that I should back track a little bit since the year just started.Let's begin with Christmas Eve....
That night was pretty awesome. I spent time with my direct family (aka every one De Armas or Hernandez). We did the traditional cuban thing and roasted the pig (funnnn!) and ate like pigs (hmm)...I also got attacked by some of my little cousins (who come in bountiful numbers)... and then... for the first time, spent the other half of my
night at my indirect family's house (aka everyone Soucy and what not). It was pretty freakin awesome! I had a good time over there! We ate the dessert I sent Tom's aunt and uncle (which would be the GIANT CARAMEL CHOCOLATE APPLE from william sonoma)...and well, pretty much every other dessert you can think of. Then we all sat down together and opened up some presents! It was really nice being with both sides of the family. Thomas read the story of Christmas, and then we concluded the evening with some awesome photos... (and a kiss of course).
Oh, I forgot to mention!!! Thomas and I did our Christmas gift exchange that evening as well! It was so cool! I guess since it was our first Christmas together, we went all out in the gift giving. I believe my favorite, most unexpected gift would have to be my nintendo Wii! How cool was that?!?! The only problem was, that since they were still high in demand, Thomas could only get a hold of a wii reserve (a paid promise of a wii in january). That was so nice though! TOTALLY unexpected. I think my gifts were kind of lame (I mean, there was no Wii involved...pssh), but he seemed to enjoy them. So the night went on as it should... and every one went to sleep waiting for the ever so near Christmas day.
So it finally came! And boy, did we wake up early in my house (not on purpose... mostly because we had house guests). We watched my cousin Michael's children open their gifts... and boy was it cute! I love watching kids scream over toys! It was hilarious! Then we visited Martha's house and exchanged gifts with my mom's side of the family. We enjoyed a nice Christmas brunch, and I enjoyed a plate of bacon. As the day went on, we visited other houses to drop off gifts... until the time finally came. We began to pack up the rental car to go to NORTH CAROLINA!!!! When Thomas arrived, he said the very infamous..."BUT WAIT!!! THERE'S MORE!" statement. He brought out another gift that he and my brother had been hiding...and when I unwrapped it, there it was. The actual the flesh! ( the box I guess.) THAT was definitely something I didn't expect. Thomas explained that he originally couldn't find the he bought the reserve.... then ended up finding one a few days before Christmas... so... he basically bought two. We ended up selling the other one to Kristel...(YAY K-LO!) So yeah.... after that awesomeness... we packed up the rental ESCALADE (sounds like a dream..but boy was it hell)... and hit the road! ...which leads me to my next point... this story is freaking long... so I'm going to continue posting later... brb!


Anne Marie said...

2 Wiis! WOW. You're one loved girl. looking forward to your blogs :)

Steph Montero said...

glad your holiday season was grand! ;)